Success Stories

The Promises of the Future Just Out of Reach

Sometimes clients need just a little assistance to make big things happen. Mr. King had money that could support him but the road to reach it had many obstacles. Mr. King was referred to our office by his mental health case worker at SMA Healthcare. He had recently been released from prison after two and a half years. However…

Family of 5 Spends Thanksgiving in Their Car and Christmas in Their Home

It is never a good feeling when you receive a referral from Janet Nickels, Human Services Program Manager-Flagler County two days before Thanksgiving regarding a family of five living in their car, but homelessness has no calendar or holidays. With the assistance…

Tackling Homelessness with Ongoing Advocacy

As anyone can imagine, homelessness takes a toll on the body. Aging is not easy for any of us but add sleeping outdoors every night and the toll is even greater. I met Mr. Joseph in April of 2020. He is a charming man, with a polite way about him. He was clearly worn down by the stressors of living outdoors. He was receiving services…

Cooperative Programs Remove Barriers to Sight

In February 2020, a Flagler County resident came to Flagler Cares to get an ID through the IDAssist program. She had been struggling with mental illness for years and had no income while she applied to Social Security Disability. Her quality of life was further impacted by her declining eyesight due to cataracts in both eyes.

Bunnell Widow Uses IDASSIST/SOAR Program to Access Social Security Benefits

Ms. C came to Flagler Cares in October 2019, when she was referred by Flagler Habitat for Humanity. She was delinquent on a small equity line she had taken out on her Habitat for Humanity home and had no income. Her husband had died earlier in the year and she was struggling to access his widow’s benefits from Social Security.

Family of 6 Finds Housing through Rapid Rehousing Program at Flagler Cares

Family can be complicated. When the Gomez family came to Flagler Cares around Independence Day in 2020, they had more dependents than they bargained for. As grandparents to 4 kids under 14, they hadn’t been expecting to end up with custody of all 4 children. They were living in a motel…

Ms. T and the Full Circle

Every January starts with hope. Hope your program will succeed, hope that clients will be successful. In January 2020, Ms. T was a client in a residential program at WARM through SMA Healthcare in Flagler County. This program provides substance abuse counseling and intensive support to help women move away from addiction and toward the future.

Ms. Burton Success Story

Ms. Burton was referred to Flagler Cares through a local health agency when she and her 83-year-old veteran father became homeless. Their landlord notified them that their rental was going to be sold, leaving them nowhere to go. This is a common issue that many renters are having in the Flagler County area as more rentals are being sold and taken out of the rental market.