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The Road to Stability

Ms. Davis began working with a Flagler Cares’ Care Coordinator to see if she might be eligible for assistance with applying for Social Security Disability in March of this year. Ms. Davis has been working with her Care Coordinator for most of this year gathering the necessary medical documents and completing the application.

Recently Ms. Davis was scheduled for an evaluation—a critical step in the long process to successfully submit a disability claim. The appointment was over 30 miles away from her home and she did not have transportation or the means to get to the appointment. Her Care Coordinator was able to secure a taxi service to bring Ms. Davis to her consultative exam through the Flagler Cares Barrier Removal Fund. A few weeks later, because of this exam, her disability was confirmed, and she was awarded SSI benefits.

Ms. Davis will now have stable income and be able to afford to maintain her housing. With the help of Flagler Cares, the client began her journey on the road to stability.

*Client name has been changed to maintain confidentiality

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