Community Connector

What is the Community Connector?

The Community Connector is a NO COST e-communication system designed to share important and timely community information of interest to the health and social service sector and the public at large. Over 1,800 community members are presently receiving the Community Connector. In February 2021, the Community Connector system was improved, expanded and relaunched as a partnership between One Voice for Volusia and Flagler Cares.

What kind of information is sent via the Community Connector?

Information specific to the health and social services field about. . .

  • New programs
  • Trainings
  • Special events
  • Agency updates
  • Critical community issues related to social services
  • Requests for help or input
  • Funding opportunities
  • New resources
  • Job opening

Use the sign-up form below to join the Community Connector and select the information you would like to receive.

To Create a Community Connector:

While anyone can receive the Community Connector as a no cost service, sending your information through the system is a benefit reserved for One Voice for Volusia subscribers and Flagler Cares financial partners. Click here to learn more about becoming a One Voice for Volusia subscriber or email for information about Flagler Cares.

Requested submissions should be submitted with ample time for staff to edit as necessary, approve and process the scheduling of the announcement to Community Connector recipients.

Please click for consideration here or email directly to in the following format:

  • Subject Line
  • Body: Make sure you always include the who, where, what, why and how to get there or in touch with you in all messages.
  • All message requests must include the name of the person/agency requesting that the message be sent out and contact information (phone and/or email). Both will be included in the Community Connector message sent out through the system.
  • If experiencing technical difficulties, you may email

*One Voice for Volusia and Flagler Cares reserve the right to deny requested submissions through this resource.