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About Us

Flagler Cares is a non-profit agency focused on closing gaps in care and supporting residents in need throughout Flagler County. We offer services in connecting clients to the care they need in order to remain healthy and safe, including homelessness prevention/solutions, financial counseling, disability benefits, and healthcare/behavioral health navigation. We also have a network of community partners who can provide additional services, as needed.

Flagler Cares is proud to have a wide range of community partners who, like us, are committed to providing high quality services to those who need them most. Our staff have a comprehensive knowledge of the system of care in Flagler County and are well equipped to refer clients out to community partners who may be able to provide additional services. We are also passionate about filling gaps and bringing needed services into the county where they did not previously exist.

We are a best practice organization committed to creating a community that works for everyone. We are humans helping humans.

Flagler Cares and other community partners are hosting a one-stop help night on Wed, Oct. 11.