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Housed for the Holidays

Ms. Smith came to Flagler Cares after losing her housing due to her landlord selling the home she had been renting. She and her family were staying in a motel until they could no longer afford it. Ms. Smith and her 4 children were living in their car for 3 days when they learned about Flagler Cares. She had full-time employment in the medical field. Her 3 oldest children would be in school and her youngest would stay with a friend during the day while she worked.

Ms. Smith began working with our Care Coordinator who helped link her with resources for diapers, food, and shelter. She continued to save money while they worked together on finding affordable housing. After a few weeks, Ms. Smith secured affordable housing and also saved enough money for the move-in cost. She did not have enough money for the deposits for the utilities, so Flagler Cares was able to assist with paying her deposits through the Barrier Removal Fund. Our Care Coordinator partnered with Christmas Come True and St. Vincent de Paul to obtain beds and other furnishings for her new home. With the family moving in the week of Thanksgiving, the Flagler Cares team was able to provide a Publix gift card and other personal care and household items to help the family get settled in time for Thanksgiving. Ms. Smith was very thankful for Flagler Cares’ assistance. She and her children are now housed for the holidays.

*Client name has been changed to maintain confidentiality