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Ms. Burton Success Story

Ms. Burton was referred to Flagler Cares through a local health agency when she and her 83-year-old veteran father became homeless.  Their landlord notified them that their rental was going to be sold, leaving them nowhere to go. This is a common issue that many renters are having in the Flagler County area as more rentals are being sold and taken out of the rental market.

Flagler Cares combines grants and other funding streams in order to best assist our clients.  With our blended funds, we were able to assist the Burtons with a hotel for a short period of time so they could secure a new rental.  Without these funds, the family would have had to stay in their car.

The client worked very hard during this period of assistance to maximize their chance of success, by not only locating a rental but also securing “gig work” to help increase their income during this time. Clients who actively participate in their housing plan have the best outcomes.

Flagler Cares was able to assist the household with their rental and utility deposits as well as their first two months of rent to allow for them to pay for their items to be moved into their new apartment.  This funding was through the Rapid Rehousing grant (ESG-RRH).

Just today, Ms. Burton sent the following email to their Flagler Cares’ Care Coordinator:

“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that things are really going well, and I feel like I can breathe again, and I don’t know how I got so fortunate in having you placed in my path. Thank you so much for everything.”

If you or someone you know are homeless or at risk of being homeless, please reach out to Flagler Cares at 386-319-9483 extension 2 for more information.

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