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Behavioral Health

New Flagler Cares Behavioral Health Program: Behavioral Health Navigation

Beginning September 1, 2021, Flagler Cares will be accepting clients for a new Behavioral Health Navigation program. This program aims to create a new point of access for non-crisis mental health and substance use disorder services and subsequently reduce the need for crisis services. Individuals will be connected with appropriate service providers for mental health and/or substance use disorder concerns through this program. To apply for the program, click here or call 386-319-9483 to schedule a phone screening appointment. Partner organizations can refer clients to the program by emailing navigator@flaglercares.org

LINC Flagler Volusia: Linking Individuals to Networks of Care

LINC Flagler Volusia is a multi-agency data system that enables trusted providers to send referrals to a network of other service providers on behalf of individuals seeking assistance. Organization staff can securely communicate with other care team providers through the system to collaborate on services and supports.

Services that may be provided to individuals through the LINC system include mental and behavioral health, housing, rent assistance, food security during the COVID-19 pandemic, and more. If you need assistance in one or more of these areas, you can call (386) 319-9483 or click here to schedule a preliminary screening.

To learn more about LINC Flagler Volusia, how your agency can get involved, or how you as an individual can receive services through LINC, you can explore our brochure here.

Flagler Cares hosted an informational webinar to illustrate the LINC Flagler Volusia journey and impact on September 17th, 2021. You can view the webinar recording here.

Safe Use, Storage, and Disposal of Prescription Medication

Prescription medications can be helpful when it comes to treating pain but when individuals do not properly use, store, or dispose of prescription medications, it creates an opportunity for drug misuse. Click here to learn more about safe use, storage, and disposal of prescription medication.

Flagler Lifeline

Flagler Lifeline is a committee of community volunteers and organizations committed to reducing suicide and raising awareness about mental health in Flagler County. Click here for more information.

We need your assistance to better understand the health of Flagler and Volusia counties. You can help by completing this community survey.