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Barrier Removal Fund Application Process

The Flagler County Barrier Removal Fund, funded by AdventHealth Palm Coast Foundation Impact Fund and Flagler Cares, is intended to remove barriers to health and social care services frequently experienced by individuals and families in the community. Examples of one-time or short-term expenses that may be covered by the fund include (but are not limited to) gas cards, identification documentation, small home modifications, small durable medical goods, short term co-pay assistance or costs, baby care items, short term childcare costs, small car repair or maintenance, and swimming lesson scholarships.

Prior to Completing Online Request Form

Be sure you have collected the following information and forms:

Complete Request Form

Click here to complete the request survey. Please ensure all information entered is accurate and complete to expedite the review process. If you are unsure whether your request fits the criteria for this fund based on the information above, please complete the request form with as much detail as possible so we can determine eligibility. This application is only open to current Flagler Cares partners. If you are unsure whether you are a Flagler Cares partner, please contact Carrie Baird at carrie@flaglercares.org.

Next Steps

We are committed to reviewing all requests submitted to this fund and providing an update to the requesting organization within 48 hours. If the request is deemed eligible for funding, is time sensitive, and has been submitted at least 3 days before the due date, we will do everything in our power to make the payment on time. Other approved requests which are not time sensitive may require up to two weeks for payments to be made. If you have submitted a request through the online form linked above and have not received an update from a Flagler Cares staff member within 48 hours of the request, please contact Kajsa Lebo at kajsa@flaglercares.org.

Please note that any applicant who is deemed eligible for this funding will be required to complete an Impact Form on behalf of their client. You can download the Impact Form here and return it to us at help@flaglercares.org.

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