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Community Change

Flagler Cares aspires to be a driving force behind bold innovations and community improvement creating a coordinated safety net of health and social care services for Flagler County.

Our work includes the delivery of high quality community programs and intentional collaboration with others.

Flagler Cares is a partner of the Flagler County and Volusia County Collaborative which developed the 2022 Community Health Assessment. Learn more and view the complete CHA.

Beginning July 1, 2022, Flagler Cares is pleased to announce a bold new initiative to benefit the residents of Flagler County that includes an investment of a minimum of one million dollars annually for the next decade to address the most pressing social service needs in our community. This initiative has been made possible thanks to a generous endowment from Dr. Stephen Bickel, a founding board member of Flagler Cares. Flagler Cares will be directly providing selected new social services to the residents of Flagler County while also offering funding, through the Flagler Catalyst Fund, to other safety net organizations within Flagler County so they can build their capacity and expand their scope of services.

By working together with other established agencies, Flagler Cares hopes to create a vital, expansive social safety net that addresses virtually all the social service needs of our most vulnerable citizens, thus strengthening our community.

Flagler Cares and other community partners are hosting a one-stop help night on Wed, Oct. 11.