Flagler County Coronavirus Relief Fund Rent, Mortgage & Utility Assistance Program


Q: What documents do I need in order to apply?


A: Applicants will need to have a fully completed and signed application which includes information from all members of the household and additional information from all adults in the household, as well as all the following documents:

  • For adults, a copy of their government issued photo ID.  Photo IDs for applicant and co-applicant MUST match the home address.

  • For children, some form of identification, like a birth certificate or social security card.

  • For mortgage assistance, a full mortgage statement, proof of homestead (printout from Flaglerpa.com acceptable), and 2 complete monthly statements for all bank accounts.

  • For rental assistance, complete signed lease, contact information for landlord, and landlord’s W-9 IRS form.

  • For utility assistance, full copy of all past due bills related to assistance request (online printouts of account balance are NOT acceptable).

  • If an eviction is pending, a copy of the notice received.

Important things for the applicant to remember about the documents submitted:

  • Mortgage statements must be fully legible and complete, including all pages of the statement even if they are blank.

  • Leases must be current, fully executed, including every page (front and back, even blank pages), and signed by both the tenant and the landlord to be acceptable.

  • Applications for utility assistance must include full, legible copies of utility bills and the name on the bill must match the applicant’s name; printouts or screenshots of the applicant’s account or amount due will not be accepted.

  • All included documents must be legible and will not be accepted if program administrators cannot read them.

  • If applicants need assistance with printing or scanning documents, the Palm Coast and Bunnell public libraries provide those services for a small fee; information about how to utilize those services can be found here.

  • Some churches also provide printing and/or scanning services; applicants should check with their local churches if they need printing/scanning assistance.